Follow Your Dreams!

Hi, I am Paul Lu, the Founder of City Morph Studio. I am an aerospace engineer that created a product design company. My reason for doing so is simple: I enjoy working on aerospace projects but I also want to solve problems that affect the general consumer. This product design company allows my team the opportunity to work in sectors spanning science, fashion, art, entertainment, finance, sports, and social work. I am proud of the work produced here and more proud of the men and women assembled here to create our designs. All team members are encouraged to explore their creativity and to follow their dreams, and we encourage this same philosophy with our clientele.

In the past, we never took time to chronicle our work as we spend most time moving from project to project. During the pandemic, we witnessed the reality of the precious factor of time, and how we take it for granted. Subsequently, the team realized that the journey in producing our work is often as important as the final delivery itself. That’s why this year we decided to reconstruct our website and place an active emphasis on recording our thoughts. In many ways, this is cathartic for us, as the stories we share will represent our beliefs and the knowledge gained from the expressions of our work.

Welcome to City Morph Studio

City Morph Studio is committed to inspiring social change through smart designs. Above all, our goal is to explore our designs’ impact on society, and how to improve lives for the better. To reflect that ethos, we named this company City Morph to serve as our rallying cry. Whether the final deliverable is software, hardware, media, or print, there is always a bit of City Morph flavor within it all.

In these stories, we share our thoughts and feelings on the environment we live in, and how we work to affect it on a project basis. We welcome you to partake in this journey with us and hope that it inspires you to follow your dreams.